IJCL Certamen Recap

All three Certamen teams succeeded greatly at the ILJCL convention. The novice team swept the floor in the first round getting 210 points, and then once again knocked it out of the park in round 2 with 185 points. Round 3 was a doozy, but they managed to get 120 points and secured a seat in the finals. The team of freshman got away with 1st place! Not bad for their first state convention. The lower team had a similar path with a different ending. The grammar, myth and history whizzes wiped out the other two teams first and second rounds. The team secured a spot in finals with their crushing defeat in the third round, and after and nail-biting finals, the lower team got second place to Whitney Young. It was the final year of playing for the three seniors on the upper Certamen team. The four teens swept the floor through and through, as they had been doing for so long prior to this convention. Smiled were exchanged during the final round when they knew that toss up 20 would be their last one competing at the ILJCL convention. Northside cheered their seniors on after the upper team once again won the ILJCL finals. All in all, the teams from Northside did an amazing job at the State convention, and look forward to next year.