ICL Round 3 Recap

On an unseasonably warm February night, a dozen NCP certaminators set out for Loyola Academy for the third round of the Illinois Certamen League tournament. After a strong performance by both teams, Lower and Upper each took first place for the night and for the year and will be moving on to Finals in the spring. The Novice team, after the closest round in NCP certamen history, came out ten points behind Loyola overall, falling just short of a bid to finals. However, after a last-minute challenge gave ten more points to Northside, the teams tied and the supervisors agreed to send both teams on to finals. Unfortunately, later review several days after the tournament found that Loyola would have also earned those ten points and the title (and bid to finals) was revoked from Northside. Northside’s novice certamen team is continuing in a long, proud tradition of not making ICL finals, only to later go on and win at IJCL and perform very well in other competitions, and their coaches are extremely proud of them.