JCL Events

National Junior Classical League Convention

Every year, delegates from every state and most every chapter in the nation gather to celebrate everything great about the study and celebration of classics – it never disappoints.

All Latin Club students are eligible to attend. Mr. Nifong will distribute information in class, but when registration becomes available (usually towards the end of the school year) notice will be posted here.


Each year a new theme is chosen for convention, usually focusing on a quote from classic literature. The 2018-19 theme is Apes non sunt solitaria natura.”, or “Bees are not of a solitary nature.”


A large focus of convention is friendly competition. Areas of contest include certamen, written tests, arts, and Olympika. There are also a wide range of non-convention contests.

NCP Latin

NCP Latin has attended NJCL every year and has seen consistent success. While we may not walk away with the national championship (it’s on, florida), we do very well in a wide range of contests and have a ton of fun in the meantime.

Illinois Junior Classical League Convention

The annual IJCL Convention in Ithasca is probably the highlight of the year for most students. All local/state chapters are invited and many participate.

IJCL information will be distributed in class and via google classroom. Registration links will be posted here for posterity.

Student Organized, Student Led

One of the unique things about the JCL in general is that it’s almost entirely student run with support from teachers. The IJCL is no different, and the student board does a phenomenal job organizing convention each year.


IJCL Convention borrows many contests from the national convention but they are unique and fun in their own right. The smaller pool of delegates makes the competition all the more intense and engaging for students and teachers alike.


Not to be brash, but we constantly dominate convention contests. We hold several state titles and are a dominant force when it comes to creative arts.