Announcing Classics Week 2017!


Celebrating the Classics One Muse at a TIme

Every year, NCP latin celebrates the birthday of Rome and all things Classics during the annual CLASSICS WEEK! Including attractions such as Carnation sales, Ice Cream, Meme Contests and various service projects, it’s a fan favorite and a great way to get others involved in the study of the classics.

Monday April 24 – Clio!

  • Classics Caption Contest! During lunch, stop by the carnations sales table and enter the caption contest! Simply write a caption to the picture provided and we’ll announce a winner on Friday! Multiple submissions are allowed!
  • Meme Contest! Check out NCP Latin’s Facebook page for instructions on how to enter our National Classics Week Meme Contest!
  • “Kleo” means to Celebrate! Celebrate NCW and the muse of history by telling us about your favorite experiences with the classics through social media. After posting on your social media platform of choice with #NCW, and send us a screenshot of your posts!
Tuesday April 25, 2017 – Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia
  • Legion Park Service Project & Picnic! A Roman Legion was the largest unit of the Roman army. Let’s celebrate NCW by coming together and helping to clean up our very own Legion Park. Afterwards, join us for a picnic!
  • Be musical! Have you heard Frozen’s “Let It Go” in Latin? Check it out and send other songs our way (whether they be songs in Latin you found or your own translated work).
  • Check Facebook for additional information about an AMUSING CHALLENGE!
Wednesday April 26, 2017 – Terpsichore, Thalia

  • Let’s Dance to Bad Roman-ce! Sign up for Mr. Nifong’s Y-Block to learn more about the interesting history of Ancient Rome with your resident history mavens!
  • Get Well Cards! Terpsichore’s name comes from the Greek word “terpo”, meaning “to delight”. During colloquium and after school, we’ll make cards for the children at Swedish Hospital to share the delightfulness of our celebration. 
Thursday April 27, 2017 – Urania, Calliope

  • Fun Facts!  You’ll see us with history facts and candies early in the morning!
  • Letters to Our Senators! Our goal is to try and get the senators to recognize National Classics Week and promote the value of education in classics and humanities!
  • Prep Book Exchange! As AP season approaches, stop by room 206 and exchange study materials with other students! This is a great way to acquire prep books and pass along the ones you’ve finished working through, especially if they are from different authors! The muses will bring good luck to your exams!
Friday April 28, 2017 – Erato

  • FELICEM DIEM NATALEM, ROMA! Join us for a belated celebration of Rome’s birthday (April 21st), complete with cake! Wish Rome a Happy Birthday on social media and send us a screenshot!
  • Gallery Walk! Stop by the Gallery Walk and look through the award winning Latin Club scrapbooks that describe our many classics related celebrations!

Remember to take plenty of pictures and tag us! You might be featured on our site!

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